Sometimes women feel their only option for an unplanned pregnancy is to have an abortion. Before you make an appointment for an abortion, learn about the methods available, the side effects, and the potential risks. 

At Birthline, we are happy to provide you with factual medical information, without judgment or pressure. 

Take a closer look before you decide.




When considering your decision, you should also learn about the possibility of adoption for your child. Today’s adoption process lets the expectant mom or birth mom make all the decisions she chooses. You get to pick the family, the environment, and even the amount of communication. 

It’s an option to consider.




Although it can be challenging, successful parenting is possible. There are many resources available today for the woman who decides to parent her child. At Birthline, we offer support and resources including diapers and formula as well as counseling and parenting classes to help you be the best momma you can be.   

Let’s talk about the possibility of parenting and what it would mean for you.