Are you considering adoption? Have you thought about making an adoption plan for your child? We can support you through this option, walking next to you every step of the way.

Although an unplanned pregnancy can be difficult, sometimes the hardest decisions in life turn out to be the best decisions. Learn more about adoption below.


Adoption is the legal process of transferring the rights and responsibilities of being a parent from birth parent(s) to an adoptive couple. 

Women choose adoption for their child for many different reasons. Sometimes they feel they are too young to parent; sometimes they are not in a stable, healthy relationship; sometimes they already have other children they’re responsible for.

No matter your reason for considering adoption, you’re thinking about your child’s future. It’s a loving, brave and difficult decision to make.


Your first step is to find a reputable agency or an adoption specialist to work with you. 

You should never be asked to pay for any adoption services. As the expectant mother or birth mother, you have the right to make all the decisions about your adoption plan. 

You get to decide who the adoptive family will be, what type of life you want for your child, and even how much communication you’d like to have (if any) as your child grows up.


There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to making an adoption plan for your child. The plan you choose has to be right for you.


With open adoption, you and the adoptive family exchange identifying information such as full names, addresses and phone numbers. You have the opportunity to be part of your child’s life. Some women find comfort in seeing their adopted child happy and healthy.


If you would like to stay completely anonymous in the process, you can choose a closed adoption, also known as a confidential adoption. With this plan, no identifying information is shared between the birth family and the adoptive family. For some women, staying anonymous helps them move on.


This plan is somewhere in between the first two. First names are exchanged, but contact happens through your adoption coordinator. You’ll learn about your child without personal contact. This can offer additional protection to the birth mother while still allowing her to receive information about her child.


There’s so much to learn about this option. We can provide you with information as well as referrals to professional, compassionate agencies. Together we can discuss whether or not adoption is right for you, and together we can navigate each step. 

If you do choose adoption, you will have made the difficult decision to give your child a safe and stable home environment, a good education, financial security, and a happy life. 

If adoption is an option you are considering or are just curious about, contact us to up an appointment to talk more about adoption. It’s free, it’s confidential, and it’s safe. You are not alone.